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Hi, Everyone!

Wow, time flies fast when you're recuperating from surgery...and yet drags when you're stuck staring up at a ceiling... Aside from a few setbacks, it was a success, and I can now breathe a lot easier. (Literally, when lying back, I can breathe a LOT esier.)

Behind the scenes stuff, lots of editing going on for both HARDSHIP which comes out at the end of July, and DAMNATION, which comes out at the end of November, the last two books in the now 5-book military science fiction series, Theirs Not To Reason Why. BIG thank-yous to the editing staff at Ace for scrambling to get through the editing for book 5 before my big summer trip.

Speaking of which, I will be in the UK racing all around from August 1st to August 18th; best chance to catch up with me will be at Loncon, the World Science Fiction Convention August 14th-18th...except I go home early the 18th, so make that the 17th, lol. I will have my Nook with me and will try to keep up with emails, etc.

DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA will be released in ebook format in early 2015; I'll have more news on that later. I know I'm a bit behind on a lot of manuscripts; I plan on plunging head-first into the work pool when I get back from the UK...


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