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Season's Greetings!

Whether your holiday is sitting under a bodhi tree contemplating the nature of existence or sitting under a palm tree contemplating the nature of a winter holiday in a very summery location, it's that time of year when many people think of giving gifts. One of the best gifts of all, of course, is a good book to read. It's reusable, rereadable, recyclable (you can pass it off to your friends or--if it's a horrible story--you can literally recycle it for paper products), and reducable (into ebook format). I'm not the only author out there with great stories to tell, but you have my word I always try to write engaging, entertaining stories. I'm a reader, too, so I try to write the sorts of things I want to read. (And yes, I read my own books. That's why I wrote them.)

Anyway, the latest book out is DAMNATION, the last book in my military science fiction Theirs Not To Reason Why series; it is now available across North America in paperback, and in lots more places in ebook. If you can't get it yet in paperback and it's due to your location outside North America, just wait a few months and it'll be released. If it's because there aren't any on the bookstore shelves, just ask politely for the bookstore to order in a special copy just for you, and they'll more than likely be very happy to do so.

The next one to be released will be an ebook format first, then later in paperback. DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA is set in the same universe as my previous short story, Birthright (not the Destiny universe, but you'll find out eventually how the two are related, muwahahah), and it'll be coming out mid-February, if I recall correctly.

Beyond that, I'm still working on THE TERRANS, the first in my next science fiction series, The First Salik War, but it's finally coming along; my second major surgery went very well and my head is feeling palpably clearer, which is making it a lot easier to write, yay! After that, I'm going to be working on a combination of things, including the next two books in The First Salik War, being THE V'DAN and THE ALLIANCE, and the next two stories in the Flame Sea universe, being DEMONS OF THE FLAME SEA and GODS OF THE FLAME SEA, plus I have the fourth book in the Guardians of Destiny series to write, THE TEMPLE. (I still have to chat with my editor about which she wants next.)

Beyond that, I wish you and yours a happy holiday season, whether you're Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Pagan, or just someone who likes time off and a chance to party with good food, good friends, *sighhh* all those relatives, and of course, extra time to read!


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