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Still a lot going on in the background, but hey, I have a convention schedule for you!

Conventions I Will Be Attending:

I will be at Sakuracon early on Friday, March 25th in Seattle, and if anyone wants to meet up with me then, well, I should have black and purple hair by then so I hopefully will be easier to spot. I will also be helping give a presentation at the Pop Culture Association national convention that day, but that's a closed-attendance thingy. (I got asked to help out when the main presenter lost the writer who was originally going to help her to another commitment.)

I do not at this time have plans to attend Norwescon this year; instead, I will be attending my State Democratic Caucus on March 26th. I encourage everyone living in a democracy-style government to participate in their government, to study the issues and the candidates, and to vote with a well-educated conscience. (Depending on how exhausted I feel afterward, I might or might not attend Norwescon afterward.)

After that, I will be at BDSMWritersCon in Everett, WA, March 31st through April 3rd. It's for 18+, geared toward writers and readers in the kink community.

The next convention after that is the big romance one, RT in Las Vegas at the Rio; I'll be down there from the 11th to the 19th of April, and I'll get to meet up with Good_Witch from HP fanfic fandom, as well as with my editor, Cindy. (I get to meet up with two awesome ladies, yaaay!)

....And then that'll be it until WorldCon in August, which this year takes place in Kansas City, MO.

Upcoming Books:

I have finished THE BLOCKADE and shipped it off, and my editor accepted it, so, yay! That book comes out at the end of the year (yes, the end of December 2016) in mass market paperback. The cover art is awesome; if you're a Patreon subscriber of any level ($1 or higher, ) you get to see stuff like that well in advance. I'll post the book cover later this year, when we get closer to the release date. So for all of you waiting for the end of the First Salik War, the trilogy of First Contact, politics, and a smidge of war (most of the smidge is in this book), it's on its way to becoming an actual book.

I do have one other book releasing before then, but it's an ebook format, so for those of you who prefer print copies and avoid electronic stuffs...well, the semi-good news is that if I sell enough of the ebook versions, InterMix (which is producing the novel) will do a print run! The downside, of course, is getting enough copies sold.

That book is DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA, and the Flame Sea starter trilogy is about an advanced, elven-like race coming to desert on a primitive world of Bronze Age humans, and trying to figure out how to get along as things keep going wrong. It will be released in early June, and will be followed by DEMONS OF THE FLAME SEA (which I will start writing this weekend), and GODS OF THE FLAME SEA. If you've ever been fascinated by Petra in Jordan (Think the place where the grail was kept in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade), by tribes, by the clash of cultures, or by elves but are bored with forests and want to see them surviving in a desert setting instead--plus many other things--this will be a series to love. Plus, it will be shorter than my usual books! About half the length, in fact, so cheaper to buy, faster to read, and a different twist on the usual tropes found in high fantasy.

If everyone likes that universe, there will be lots more coming. For the sake of those who like print books, please spread the word everywhere if you do like it. Booksales drive everything a publisher does, so the more books sold, the more interest they take in it. The more people you tell about the book in a positive or enthusiastic way, leaving reviews, spreading word of mouth, so on and so forth, the more likely someone new is going to buy it.

As soon as I am done writing the last of the trilogy, I **promise** I will work on the next book in the Guardians of Destiny universe, book 4, THE TEMPLE. We will finally get back to the story of the demon-conjuring ex-Mekhanan priests being chased across the world, thrown out of kingdom after kingdom in accordance with prophecy. I had a lot of health problems last year that disrupted my ability to write, and I thank you all for your patience in waiting so very long. That is the last of the three remaining books I have under contract, they **will** get written, and then I can finally...um...hm. Well, get a new contract, yay!

Awesome New Stuff Coming Soon:

You've been begging me to release more stories, and I have heard you.

I'm going to be using Payhip within the next month or so to start producing a serialized science fiction story, or set of stories, called the Cellworld Chronicles. These will have romance, action, violence, a wide variety of antagonists, and a whole bunch of worldbuilding, as we follow a couple of bushcraft experts struggling to survive on a very primitive world while their high-tech society offworld crumbles. If you're not sure what a serial is, think comic book series, like how issues #11-27 covered a particular story arc, with a little bit of the story delivered each month...except I may put these up faster than once a month, and it'll have a lot more issues than just a handful.

So for those of you who want me to give them a story every single month...I have found a way to do so. I will also be putting up short stories in an electronic format on Payhip, which might be related to a particular universe, or might be one-shots. I will have links to everything here on the website, plus will be spamming them on Twitter (@JeanJAuthor), on Facebook (Fans of Author Jean Johnson), Tumblr (/JeanJAuthor), and more. Patreon will still be my go-to place for sneak peeks at behind the scenes stuff and advanced previews, which will be running the premium-style version of "pay Y amount, and get access to both X and Y levels of content." However, its pay-per-thingy format is inadequate for a serialized story.

For those of you going, "Ugh, I don't wanna read a whole book on an ereader/ my computer/ my cellphone!" That's the brilliance of a serialized story. The chapters posted won't be very long--I'll have another post explaining the pay structure to wordcount ratio, but it'll be quite fair to both you as the reader and me as the person slaving away to create everything...and each installment will be 15k-18k words. This way, the story can easily be read while sitting at the computer, or on your smartphone or tablet or whatever, squeezing in a little bit of reading time into your busy day. It doesn't take long to read a comic book issue, after all, and then you get to savor the anticipation of the next issue coming out soon--and a lot sooner than the typical novel-format story in a trilogy, or an octilogy (what the heck was I thinking??), so on and so forth.

Why am I doing this? I have indeed heard everyone urging me to put out more writing. I really do want to get more stories to everyone every single month. However, it is difficult to write an entire novel-length story in a single month...and some stories are too huge to pack into a novel-sized format. Plus, I will get paid more evenly than I currently am, because there'll be at least some money coming in every month...and Payhip's payment to its content creators will be around 90% given to me, 5% to Payhip for their hosting services, and around 5% for PayPal, etc.

So I am looking forward to this combination of what you want (something new to read every month!) and what I can do best (biiiiiig stories), and I hope you'll help spread the word. More info on the serialized story and how it will all work for payment, etc, will be coming soon...but for now, I have to get back to work!


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