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Greetings, Everyone;

My apologies for the lack of updates here for a while. I'll explain why down below for those interested in reading a little bit about it. Otherwise, for those of you who just want the short and sweet...here's the short and sweet on upcoming book releases and projects in the works:

My next book will be THE GUILD, a trade paperback and third in the new Guardians of Destiny fantasy romance series. It's a mix of plot (the bad guys actually show up in person, and oh boy are they evil), smut (*cough* indelicate desires are indulged), and steampunky themes, as it's set in a collapsing kingdom where being a mage was a potential death sentence up until just recently, so everyone had to develop engineering instead of enchantments. Look for it in bookstores and online from Berkley Sensations on May 6th, 2014.

After that will be HARDSHIP, the first half of the way-too-large, cram-packed ending to my military science fiction series, Theirs Not To Reason Why. Ia and the Damned are on the planet Dabin...and things are falling apart a lot faster and weirder than even Ia can predict. This book will be released in mass market paperback from Ace on July 29th, 2014. The second half, and last book, in the series about Ia, soldier and prophet of a thousand years, will be titled DAMNATION and will be released by December 2014. (Exact date yet to be released, but I've been reassured it will be fit onto the schedule.)

Beyond that, I am working on the first book in my straight-to-ebook high fantasy series, DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA, and will be working on the fourth Guardians book, THE TEMPLE right after I finish that. Then it'll be the 3 books of my next science fiction series, The First Salik War, starring THE TERRANS, and THE V'DAN, followed by THE ALLIANCE (working titles for now), and of course, intermixed with that the other two books in the open-ended Flame Sea series, DEMONS OF THE FLAME SEA and GODS OF THE FLAME SEA.


Now, for those who may want to know why things haven't been updating here on a regular basis, why some manuscripts have been delayed...I'm actually going to link a wonderfully well-written essay someone else wrote: http://invisibleillnessbattle.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/6-things-about-chronic-pain-you-didnt-know-you-knew/

I've been battling chronic pain due to various health problems for some time now--health problems that brought other issues that interfered with my ability to concentrate, but these 6 points hit the nail on the head for every single one of them. And it really does work the way this article outlines how chronic pain eats away at your life, like acid and rust eating away at metal...until things start crumbling and you're barely holding it together... But I'm not posting this for sympathy, just for understanding. Not only so people will understand the delays on my end, but in the hopes you'll take a look at your own lives, or the way your loved ones and your friends are living, and be able to understand those situations a bit better, too.

As for said pain in my life, at the moment, the one issue seems to be on hiatus, and I hope it really just is a matter of dosing myself with oral meds to straighten my hormones out every once in a while, as it seems to be; right now, it's at the stage of "wait and see." The other issue that's been giving me chronic pain...

Well, with luck, my insurance company will allow me to get rid of a literal pain-in-my-neck (and shoulders, and back, and...) that I've been dealing with since late high school, which means for far too many years. Oddly enough, I am so used to dealing with this second pain, that...well...I don't honestly know how I'll feel once its source has been reduced. But just having that first mentioned pain go on hiatus has given me renewed energy, attention, concentration...even joy.

Ebullient is the word for it. It may be temporary, but I do feel ebullient...and ready to tackle some sadly neglected plot-bunnies. They've grown a bit feral, but I do intend to tame and corral and write them out.

So my apologies for things not being updated on a regular basis here.

On the bright side, I have been posting updates on the Facebook page, located here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fans-of-Author-Jean-Johnson/180367135307085 ...which is where I've been running some contests for ARCs and other book giveaways from time to time. And of course, occasional updates on Twitter @JeanJAuthor, and checking my snail mail box every so often, and... Hm, I should take all this energy and get back to work, shouldn't I? I'll go do that.


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