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Happy Spring, or Autumn!

Yay, I'm down to just 2 contracts behind! I've shipped off DEMONS OF THE FLAME SEA, book 2 in the Flame Sea series, and am now free to work on book 3. Book 1, DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA, was released mid-April in ebook format from Intermix. It's a story of a group of elven people from an advanced civilization having to deal with a new life in a desert landscape among primitive bronze-age humans. If you've ever been fascinated with pictures of Petra, or wondered what it would be like to see fae in a desert instead of the prototypical forest, now's your chance--and since it's one of my stories (well, duh), it comes with the same care and attention that I give all of my tales (again, well, duh).

No conventions are on my schedule until MidAmeriCon, the World Science Fiction Convention which is being held in Kansas City this year, August 17-21 2016. I shall be busy writing book 3 of the Flame Sea trilogy, GODS OF THE FLAME SEA up until that point. Then as soon as I get back, I will finally--yay!--launch into writing book 4 of the Guardians series, THE TEMPLE.

In the meantime, please visit my Patreon (https://www.Patreon.com/JeanJAuthor) or my GoFundMe (http://www.gofundme.com/JeanJAuthor) because funds are tight due to ill health really cutting into my writing last year. Yes, last year's inability to write has affected THIS year's income. My finances really do lag like that...and it'll take months and months of your help to get things back to normal. How can you help, if you so want? Tell people about my books. Not just once, but however many times as you remember how much you enjoyed reading them. Mention something once, and other people will forget it. Mention it several times, and they will remember to go check it out. Leave reviews, too, since reviews drive interest in a similar way, only you don't have to actually be there when someone reads it.

As for the Cellworld story, still working on that, trying to find a good cover artist for the series. I have an image in mind, but we'll see if I can find someone to pull it off. (I'd work faster, but I'm in a bit of pain at the moment, oh well.)

As always, you can contact me at @JeanJAuthor on twitter, I do post stuff occasionally on my JeanJAuthor Tumblr account, and if you're on Facebook, just check out "Fans of Author Jean Johnson" which I check nearly every day. I'm happy to talk with my readers!


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