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First off, Happy Valentine's Day!



*hands out hard hats with little force field generators in them*

Sorry, but...turns out I made the end of the story for Theirs Not To Reason Why too damn big. For various reasons, Ace has decided to split part 4 into two parts, rather than forcing me to chop into the story and leave it a mangled, bleeding mess (I tried editing stuff out, but it's just too well-woven to cut cleanly). The first half will still be published by the end of July, the other no later than December.

The cover art will stay with book 4, the title will go to book 5...which means new art for book 5 (dunno what they'll come up with yet), and a new title for book 4. If that's confusing, that's okay, but hey, we have a working title, so...pardon the 'mangling' of the cover art, but here's my very crappy mock-up of what it'll look like. That being said, I present to you:

Theirs Not To Reason Why: HARDSHIP

Jean Johnson's - Theirs Not To Reason Why: Hardship

I just made the book too big, is all. *shrug*

In other news, everything is otherwise on schedule or at least on track: THE GUILD, book 3 in the Guardians series, will be released the start of May, Theirs Not To Reason Why: HARDSHIP will be released at the end of July, Theirs Not To Reason Why: DAMNATION will be released no later than December 2014, plus I'm working on THE TEMPLE (Guardians book 4) and DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA (Flame Sea book 1).

Thank you for your time, patience, & understanding,

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