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Greetings & Happy Holidays;

My apologies for the lengthy time it took to update this message. In the interim since the last post, I've had health issues, travel issues, roommates moving out, roommates moving in, house expenses, more health issues, and just general chaos and bedlam. (That's not as comfy to sleep with as it may sound, more likely lumpy & irritating.) Anyway...I am finally getting back to the point where I have time to work on my writing a bit more, and am struggling to do so.

The third book in the First Salik War series is going to be titled THE BLOCKADE (which I am working on). The second book, THE V'DAN, will be released at the end of the year. I will be running giveaway contests for the Advance Review Copies of it, and later the final print versions. These contests will first be held over at my Patreon, www.Patreon.com/JeanJAuthor, and then at Fans of Author Jean Johnson over at Facebook. I'm even considering doing a few things on my Twitter account, @JeanJAuthor.

As usual, you can contact me at any of these locations, including this website. I will have more news when I can get more time. (About the only thing that would help immensely right now is to have my writing go viral, since a lot of my problems would go away, including half the health issues, if I weren't stressed over finances. Writers don't make as much as people assume, so every positive review and boost you can honestly give does help us.)

Anyway, please remember to plug your favorite content creators, whether that's myself, another author, a musician, an artist...and remember, every dollar we get really helps immensely.


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