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Happy New Year!

...I always feel like someone is about to sprinkle powdered cinnamon and peppermint candy cane bits on me when I say that. Lovely image, yes? Yes!

Big News! I have created a Patreon account: http://Patreon.com/JeanJAuthor (Note, it has the same handle as my Twitter, @JeanJAuthor. Convenient, yes? Yes!)

If you're not familiar with Patreon, here's a brief rundown on how it works: Like the wealthy patrons found back Renaissance era, only scattered over many more people for a fraction of the cost, Patreon gives people a way to come together to help support a favorite content creator, whether that's a traditional artist, a webcomic creator, a musician or band, people who make videos explaining how to do stuff, or just video blogs with fun stuff. This is a kind of crowdsourcing like Kickstarter, but whereas Kickstarter is a one-shot to get the funds to create a specific thingy, with the pledges usually starting low but quickly rising pretty high...Patreon is an ongoing support system, where you either pay creation-by-creation being released, or (in my case) a monthly support fee.

Since it's ongoing, the pledges are a lot lower on average than Kickstarter, but in return, you don't get one-shot premium special stuff. Instead, you get access to ongoing special stuff, what Patreon calls "exclusive content." For a band, this could be snippets of upcoming songs, behind-the-scenes footage while shooting a music video, Q&A sessions with band members on the Patreon Activity page, photos on the Creation page, and/or bloopers/outtakes from recording sessions. For a webcomic artist, this could be sneak peeks at parts of upcoming pages, random sketch art, or even video blogs showing works in progress. Or possible raptor impersonations. (I won't be doing that last one specifically, as the creator of the photowebcomic Surviving The World, Dante Shepherd, is already doing that, and I can't top what he does. I might do a Kaiju (big stompy monster) impersonation, but that's about it.)

Beyond that, I am in the process of beta-editing and polishing up THE TERRANS, which is the next in the new first contact scifi series, The First Salik War. Ace wants me to get the other two books in that series done quickly so they can produce them sooner than once-a-year...so alas, THE TEMPLE (book 4 in the Guardians of Destiny) series is being pushed back on the creation schedule. But it will get done, I promise!

In the meantime, may you have many, many good stories to curl up with in the coming New Year, yes? Yes!


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