Theirs Not To Reason Why

A Soldier's Duty

Jean Johnson's - Theirs Not To Reason Why: A Soldier's Duty

Ace Paperback
ISBN-10: 0441020631
ISBN-13: 978-0441020638
Release Date: Jul. 26, 2011
Science Fiction

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Ia is a precog, tormented by visions of the future where her home galaxy has been devastated. To prevent this vision from coming true, Ia enlists in the Terran United Planets military with a plan to become a soldier who will inspire generations for the next three hundred years-a soldier history will call Bloody Mary.


An email from: Spencer Tyler M SSgt USAF

"Hello there. My name is Tyler Spencer. I picked up your book "A Soldiers Duty" at the exchange bookstore on Ramstein AB Germany. I'm currently a Staff Seargent in the US Air Force stationed at Spangdahlem AB Germany. I picked the book up completely at random, got home and started reading. It engrossed me right off the bat and i finished it early that next morning. I just sat down and tore through it. You tell the plight of the soldier and capture our sense of duty very well. So thanks again for a great book. Now i'm sitting around not so patiently waiting on the continuation hehe."