Flame Sea


NOTE: This book is being re-released as part of the new
Sea Flame Series

Jean Johnson's - Flame Sea: Birthright

Penguin Group (USA) LLC
ISIN-10: 0425276945
ISBN-13: 978-0425276945
Release Date: Nov. 29, 2016
Science Fiction

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Who is entitled to the Flame Sea throne? For twin beauties Arasa and Kalasa, the question of their royal birthright has driven them both to find the answer by any means necessary. But to determine the rightful heir means that they must discover who was born first. So begins a legendary pilgrimage for the twins, each accompanied by a man of their most sensual dreams. For Kalasa it's her devoted fiancé; for Arasa, it's the handsome sorcerer Elrik.

But the legendary odyssey is not without its dangers—for one of them is not at all whom they appear to be, and their true motives are in question. Now, as treachery and desire become one, the truth of the birthright could be as perilous as the very future of the Flame Sea itself.

Birthright previously appeared in Elemental Magic.