Elemental Magic

Reviews of Birthright

Jean Johnson's - Elemental Magic: Birthright

Review by: TS Brookhouse

November 1, 2007

Birthright is only a small taste of a world – one of many – within Jean Johnson's imagination. A cousin to her popular Sons of Destiny setting, the world of Birthright is another universe, with magic and Truth Stones but an entirely different dominant empire from Katan. Keeping with her fondness for twins, Jean presents Arasa's journey to discover whether she or her twin sister is the firstborn heiress of the family... and adds a healthy dose of "Attractive Love Interest to keep the reader stimulated both mentally and sensually.

At a quarter of the length of the average Sons of Destiny title, Birthright makes for a shorter, more playful romp through erotic fantasy. It's an excellent read for a quiet evening in with your own vivid imagination to paint the scenes Johnson describes with clarity. A recommended read for fans of the Destiny series or for those new to her work.

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