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Cellworld Chronicles

A New Science Fiction Series by Jean Johnson

Coming Soon...

I'm still working on the Cellworld Chronicles, and there is a huge backlog of stuff, but other life issues have been getting in the way. So its release is on hold for the moment. However, if you like any of the following, and don't mind reading serialized fiction released in comic book sized chunks, I promise it will be worth the wait.

These will have romance, action, violence, a wide variety of antagonists, and a whole bunch of worldbuilding, as we follow a couple of bushcraft experts struggling to survive on a very primitive world while their high-tech society offworld crumbles. If you're not sure what a serial is, think comic book series, like how issues #11-27 covered a particular story arc, with a little bit of the story delivered each month...except I may put these up faster than once a month, and it'll have a lot more issues than just a handful.

So for those of you who want me to give them a story every single month...I have found a way to do so. I will also be putting up short stories in an electronic format on Payhip, which might be related to a particular universe, or might be one-shots. I will have links to everything here on the website, plus will be spamming them on Twitter (@JeanJAuthor), on Facebook (Fans of Author Jean Johnson), Tumblr (/JeanJAuthor), and more. Patreon will still be my go-to place for sneak peeks at behind the scenes stuff and advanced previews, which will be running the premium-style version of "pay Y amount, and get access to both X and Y levels of content." However, its pay-per-thingy format is inadequate for a serialized story.

For those of you going, "Ugh, I don't wanna read a whole book on an ereader/ my computer/ my cellphone!" That's the brilliance of a serialized story. The chapters posted won't be very long--I'll have another post explaining the pay structure to wordcount ratio, but it'll be quite fair to both you as the reader and me as the person slaving away to create everything...and each installment will be 15k-18k words. This way, the story can easily be read while sitting at the computer, or on your smartphone or tablet or whatever, squeezing in a little bit of reading time into your busy day. It doesn't take long to read a comic book issue, after all, and then you get to savor the anticipation of the next issue coming out soon--and a lot sooner than the typical novel-format story in a trilogy, or an octilogy (what the heck was I thinking??), so on and so forth.