Free Short Stories

Angel of Mercy

It was a cold winter night when Minya woke abruptly. The unsettled lowing of cattle in the barn woke the young widow from uncomfortable dreams—disturbing ones, in which her late husband had not died from falling and hitting his head on the fire irons at the village tavern after getting involved in a drunken brawl. Shivering at the ill omen, she listened to the restless dairy herd for a few moments, then slid out of the covers. She did so with a mixture of reluctance at the chill in the room, and dread at the possibility of wolves. Or worse, bandits. Hungry wolves would only attack her to defend themselves, after all.

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Vulland Chronicles

Jean Johnson's - Vulland Chronicles


Welcome to the Vulland Chronicles...

On a world where the classic four elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth can have a tangible, magical influence, the inhabitants of both Earthland and the Skylands above it are finally entering their Industrial Age. Great strides in both magic and machinery have made, melding the two forms together into a potent tool for exploration. New things are being learned every day, with secrets shared, stolen, and fought over. Knowledge is power, after all.

Some of this knowledge comes as the citizens beneath the membrane of the Vull explore the most remote corners of the continent of Earthland and its outlying islands. Some of it comes from the inhabitants of the floating Hexisles of the Skylands as they set forth in great air-ships, seeking to explore far beyond the known edges of their maps. Some of it comes from those who are greedy for power, twisting the new technologies to suit their ends...and some of it comes from ordinary citizens swept up by extraordinary events.

Mysterious, exotic lands, time-shrouded secrets, and a growing imbalance in the world await not only those who live both above and below the Vull...but for those who dare to read about them.

Legal disclaimer: All the Vulland Chronicles are currently being offered for free, but only from this website; I still retain all copyrights to the materials--just as everything else posted on this website has a copyright, etc.--so please don't share anywhere else, and definitely don't try to make money off 'em. They're my gift to my readers, which I'd like to keep giving this way. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and I hope you enjoy them!

# 1 - The Knot

# 2 - Contemplations

# 3 - Vardo at the Faire

# 4 - Jade Mountain

# 5 - The Spheres in the Knot

# 6 - The King and the Book

# 7 - Mystery on the Mountain