The Mammoth Book of
Paranormal Romance

Review of How to Date a Superhero

Jean Johnson's - The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance: How to Date a Superhero

Review by: TS Brookhouse

March 8, 2009

"How To Date A Superhero" is a light spot of fluff in the realm of superhero fiction, with just enough angst to tug the heartstrings and a touch of suggestion to warm the body.  It features Carrie as the protagonist, a superhero with the ability to see the future -- who suddenly sees herself in the arms of her professional partner, a fellow who has shown zero unprofessional interest in her whatsoever.  When she refuses to describe her vision, he decides to confront her about it, and the result is a twist Carrie hadn't expected.

This story makes for a short, sweet sample of Johnson's capabilities as a Paranormal Romance writer that will leave old fans and new tickled and wanting more.