Jean Johnson's
Military Tribute


Because these men and women have put their lives on the line to protect others, and in many cases still are risking their lives.


At the top of the list, we honor those who have passed on, with names submitted by various surviving family members:

Fazal Din, Punjabi fighting in Burma, perished after wiping out enemy bunkers for his comrades.

George Cairns, US military serving in Burma in WWII, stormed enemy forces with the sword that cut off his arm, perished in combat.

James Robinson, US Army, rescued wounded comrades and charged enemy machine guns, on fire, taking them out before perishing.

Piru Singh. British Indian Army, perished wiping out enemy gun emplacements blockading the only route from the Pakistani/Kashmir village of Tithwal.

US Army Private John E. Montgomery (deceased) - Cavalry (Spanish-American War)

US Army Corporal Harry G. Montgomery (deceased) - Cavalry (WWI)

US Army Staff Sergeant Darrell D. Montgomery (deceased) - Corps of Engineers (WWII and Korea)

US Army Sergeant John Joseph Ganley III - Vietnam veteran who survived only to come home and be killed in a bar robbery. (mother's brother)

US Army Specialist Robert H. Fulscher, (father's cousin) died in the Pacific in April of 1944. No details are available in public records other than his date of death.

US Army Private Jacob B. Henning, late of Bavaria (deceased) - Wagoner (Civil War) He volunteered at the age of forty-four after living in this country for twenty years (great-great-grandfather on father's mother's side)

US Marine Corps Jack W. Arnold, PFC, WWII, served in South Pacific, deceased (grandfather)

US Air Force Master Sgt. Thomas Bangs, 22 years service to our country before retiring. He passed away in 2006 from cancer.

US Army Private John W LaChimia, 1917-1918.  He served, raised my Mom, and was a proud member of the VFW for the rest of his long life.  He passed away in 1974.

US Air Corps Technical Sergeant Chester Oakley McWhorter, 1941-1945.  He served, went home to his ranch and raised my wonderful husband.  He passed away in 2006.


We also honor those soldiers who are still alive, either retired or currently serving:

James M. Beaver, LCDR (Lieutenant Commander) US Navy (ret.) 1973-1994, USNA '77, Landing Force Training Command, Afloat Taining Group Pacific, Desert Storm veteran Served aboard: USS Morton (DD 948); USS Mt. Vernon (LSD 39); USS Tripoli (LPH 10); USS Davidson (FF 1045); USS Missouri (BB 63); USS Barbor County (LST 1195)

Tommy Prince, one of the most decorated 1st Nations Canadian war heroes, served in WWII and the Korean War.

Dr. Mary E. Walker, US surgeon during the Civil War, & recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Nancy Wake, Australian, British Special Ops, & French Maquis member in WWII, "A feminine woman in her normal life, but as fierce as 5 men in combat."

Frank Luke, US Air Force, first pilot to win the Medal of Honor for taking out enemy spy balloons in World War I.

Abram Heller, US Coastguard, second time out on a mission, he spent 2 hours in freezing waters rescuing capsized civilian crewmembers.

James H. Howard, US pilot, general & Medal of Honor recipient, WWII. Famous for the quote "He who rides a tiger cannot dismount."

Dominic "Fats" McCarthy, Australian, single-handedly captured .5 km of trenches in WWI.

Margaret Corbin, served in the US Revolutionary War beside her husband at Fort Washington, awarded a soldier's disability pension.

Leo Major, one-eyed Canadian war hero of WWII, single-handedly captured the German-held Dutch town of Zwolle.

Thomas Alfred "Todger" Jones, British military, singlehandedly captured 100 Germans in a trench battle at the village of Morval. Simo Hayha, the "White Death" of Finland, credited with 505+ confirmed kills on the Finnish/Russian border, WWII.

Yogendra Singh Yadav, awarded the highest honor in the Indian Army, for scaling a mountain to remove enemy forces from their bunkers.

Mary Roberts Wilson, US Army evac hospital, heroically led her nursing staff during German bombardments in WWII.

Alvin York, US Army, WWI, captured 133 Germans singlehandedly just from his shooting ability, among other acts of valor.

Audie Murphy, single most decorated male US soldier, fought in a burning tank for over an hour in WWII, & played himself in the movie afterward.

Ruby Bradley, WWII & Korean War US Army nurse, "Angel in Fatigues," POW, frontline nurse, most decorated female soldier in US history.

Ed Freeman, US Vietnam pilot, flew 13 flights through enemy fire to evacuate fellow soldiers.

Dakota Meyer, US Marine Corps, Medal of Honor recipient, defied orders 5 times going into heavy fire to rescue fellow Afghan & US soldiers.

US Air Force First Sergeant James D. Montgomery (retired) – Cryptology

US Army First Class Clayton D. Montgomery (active military) - serving fourth tour of duty in Middle East

Canadian Armed Forces Captain Joe Parkinson, who served until he retired in 1993. (dad)

Canadian Armed Forces Master Warrant Officer (WO) Joe Arsenault, who did a life long service until he retired in 1992. (father-in-law)

Canadian Armed Forces Master Corporal Garry Arsenault, who did 20 years before he retired and moved on to other things. (brother-in-law)

Canadian Armed Forces Sergeant Gordon Arsenault, who is still serving. (another brother-in-law)

Canadian Armed Forces Master Warrant Officer Dale Arsenault, who did 30 years before he retired and moved on to other things. ( husband)

US Air Force Gregory Johnson, Ret. Lt. Col. (dad)

US Army Reserves Nathan Hampshire, (Bro-in law)

US Air Force Reserves Tom McCloskey, (Bro-in-law)

US Army Captain Brian Johnson (cousin)

US Army Jeff Johnson Ret.

US Air Force Reserves Tim Bradbury Ret.

US Air Force Reserves Tony Bradbury Ret.

US Air Force Harold Bradbury Ret.

US Air Force Ken Johnson Ret.

US Air Force Jackie Taylor Ret.

US Air Force Craig Taylor Ret.

US Air Force Roger Sturdy Ret.

US Army National Guard Robert R. Woodard, Specialist, attending college (son)

US Navy James W. Parkman, WWII veteran, still living (great-uncle)

US Navy Commander Robert Frank Burch, Civil Engineer Corps, 1943-1969 - my Dad, still awesome.

US Army Captain Charles Timothy Marvin, active duty.  He's been a real inspiration to my son.

US Air Force Staff Sergeant Spencer Tyler, active duty


I may write about heroes who are the soldiers of the future, but these are the real heroes of the here and now.  Please join me in recognizing their willingness to defend their fellow citizens.