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Jean Johnson - Shifting Plains

Review by: Mira

November 15, 2009

To read (and review) certain books can be daunting. Tiring. Annoying. This is not one of those books. Actually, I don't think I have ever read any of Ms. Johnsons' books that give me that feeling. I might have found some less interesting than others. But never tiresome.

"Shifting Plains" is the newest full length book of a wonderful storyteller. It is conceived as a sort-of prequel to the saga of "The Sons of Destiny". Sort-of being the operative word.

The story introduces us to a whole other kind of society than that of The Sons. This is not the civilized (at least apparently) empire that the brothers live in. It is wild, it is untamed and it is ruled by very strict rules. It exists on the premise that rules are the only way to keep everyone in line. And they have a reason for it: a past darker than most can imagine. In the middle of everything, the love story between Tava and Kodan goes through any imaginable torment (thanks to an author that loves to torture her characters) and comes out stronger and feistier. Oh, but the road to happiness is one filled with misconceptions, lack of trust, conspirators. Also, full of growing up together, as a couple, and as individuals; of friends and family that might or might not always understand, but always offer support.

You will find all of Ms. Johnsons' trademark moves in this book: almost painfully careful crafted characters, perfect intrigue, not one plot-hole (because she just doesn't do that). This book will keep you turning pages.

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