The First Salik War

The Blockade

Jean Johnson's - The First Salik War: The Blockade

Ace Paperback
ISIN-10: 0425276945
ISBN-13: 978-0425276945
Release Date: Nov. 29, 2016
Science Fiction

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The First Salik War is underway, and the Alliance is losing—their newest allies must find a way to win, or everyone will be slaughtered.

Though committed to helping their V'Dan cousins, the Terrans resent how their allies treat them. The V'Dan in turn feel the Terrans are too unseasoned to act independently. And the other nations fear that ending the Salik War means starting a Human Civil War.

Even as Imperial Prince Li'eth and Ambassador Jackie MacKenzie struggle to get their peoples to cooperate, they still face an ethical dilemma: How do you stop a ruthless, advanced nation from attacking again and again without slaughtering them in turn?