Guardians of Destiny

The Guild - Book 3

Jean Johnson's - Guardians of Destiny: The Guild

Reviewed by: Raonaid of Romance Junkies

July 19, 2014

Rating – 4.5

Rexei Longshanks is a Journeyman class in the Gearman's Guild. She protects herself from unwanted detection from the magic-stealing Mekhanan priests by masquerading as a young boy. The ability has allowed her to join many guilds throughout her childhood to hide from the priesthood, leaving before anyone could learn the truth about her gender and magic. Rexei infiltrates the church she fears to investigate claims brought upon Mekha's priests. Under guise, she learns shocking yet essential information.

Alonnen Tallnose is the Guild Master of the elusive Mage Guild. He is also the appointed Guardian of the Vortex, a place of unlimited pure magic that corrupt people covet to disabuse. Alonnen manages and defends the only sanctuary in Mekhana where mages have to escape and hide from the priests' intent on robbing them of their magic. His brother brings Rexei to him for protection and with her comes both welcome and unwelcome news.

Alonnen does not fit the usual formula set for romance heroes found in other stories and books. He is neither drop-dead gorgeous nor overly muscled, however, he does possess an identifying trait the author enjoys reminding throughout the story. That difference, the break from the norm, is what I liked most about him. His antics and infectious demeanor made him and the story so much fun to read. I admire the patience he took when dealing with Rexei after learning the ordeal she faced as a child.

Rexei fit almost every criteria and characteristic I like my heroines to have. She has the right balance of strength and independence to stand on her own but knows when to rely on others for help rather than insisting on doing things on her own. I like how she was not quick to trust, especially Alonnen, or take things at face value, and that she was cautious.

Not only did the author steer from the standard make-up for heroes in romance stories, she also moved away from the typical kind of sex found in nearly every book. I like the change up even though I am not a fan of that type of sex. The cover did mislead me to believe the book was steampunk, so I was a little disappointed to learn that it was not. But, much to my surprise and delight, I did discover it had a high-fantasy twist.

THE GUILD is a fun adventure in fantasy and romance. The third book in the GUARDIANS OF DESTINY series, it is also connected to the author's THE SONS OF DESTINY series. I am familiar with the latter series but sadly behind. THE GUILD whets my appetite to finish the series and read more.