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Jean Johnson - Sons of Destiny: The Master

Review by: Milady Blue

September 3, 2007

Today, I got my copy of Jean Johnson's latest book, The Master, third in her Sons of Destiny series.

I won't be giving away any spoilers here, since I think folks should go out and get their own copies. 

All I WILL say, however, is that this book does not disappoint. You know how some authors seem to start losing steam in their series the longer it goes on? Jean doesn't! 

Review by: Purrzah

September 18, 2007

I just finished THE MASTER today. *whines* February? I gotta WAIT 'til FEBRUARY for the next book??? ;)

When I finished devouring the first of Jean Johnson's books from the Sons Of Destiny, THE SWORD, I found myself thirsting for more. This was only slightly slaked by THE WOLF, because in THE SWORD, we readers were left on the cliff-hanger of what happened to the third born of the brothers, Dominor! Thus, I eagerly awaited THE MASTER.

Upon receiving my copy of THE MASTER I found myself stealing every possible moment to devour the story within. I am not ordinarily a reader of fictional romance, but the amazing world that Jean Johnson is slowly revealing through the Sons Of Destiny series continues to draw me in. Very few novels have ever left me anxiously anticipating the next volume!

In THE MASTER Dominor proves that despite being kidnapped from his exiled home on Nightfall Isle, kept drugged for a horribly miserable sea voyage, magically bound so his own powers were locked from him, he is truly the Master. Only his Destined mate manages to steal from him any measure of control over his future. THE MASTER reveals there is also much, much more behind the Destinies of the Brothers of Nightfall.

As in her previous novels, Jean Johnson unveils new details about her world, offering glimpses of what is to come for the other exiled brothers, while continuing to wind threads of mystery around the eight and their futures. However, within the mystery and fantasy she continues to give some delightful grounding on everyday behaviors and life within her mystical world. As the stories continue, the world of the Sons Of Destiny becomes more and more real within the mind of the imaginative reader.

No better compliment can be given to this remarkable author than that given by one friend of mine. When the last of J. K. Rowling's novels was released and I had completed it, I had loaned that book to her. To this date she has been unable to start it. Upon finishing THE MASTER, I showed the book to her and asked her when my Harry Potter book would be returned. "TOMORROW!" she exclaimed with eyes lit like a child's at Christmas. I asked her, "Are you sure? Which do you want first? Harry or THE MASTER?" Her answer was most decidedly, "THE MASTER!"

I am confident in my feeling that the novels of the Sons Of Destiny, will be the Harry Potter books for adult women and men everywhere, and as widely anticipated as the new volumes are released. I'm ready to stand in line.

Review by: Piper Kirby

August 24, 2007

Do you enjoy romantic fiction where the heroine spends 285 pages yearning after her standoffish but hunky employer/guardian/mysterious newcomer while admitting he could never be attracted to her, based on a survey she makes examining herself in the mirror, ultimately concluding that her figure is passable, but her best feature is her eyes?  Only to have the hunky employer/guardian/mysterious newcomer completely change character on pages 286 to 300 and confess his undying love for her, probably after rescuing her when she goes seeking the source of some odd noise in the dark, not thinking to bring a flashlight and some kind of weapon, to say nothing of remembering a robe and slippers because she’s clad only in the flimsiest of nightclothes, as artfully depicted on front cover?

Then this is not the romance you are looking for.  Move along.

If, however, you wouldn’t mind spending an evening or two with a yes, still hunky, dark-haired mage, who is powerful and inventive, but not perfect, who is certainly not going to be attracted to the dim-witted heroine type previously mentioned, then curl up with “The Master” and meet Dominor of Nightfall.

One of eight prophesied magical brothers, Dom is the arrogant and proud one.  The one who likes the finer things in life, as well as challenge; he’s driven by a need to prove himself to be the best.

The Corvis brothers’ prophecy involves a curse interpreted to doom their homeland should they each meet their destined mate.  To prevent this from happening, their countrymen have banished them to be the sole residents of Nightfall Island and forbidden women to go near the Island.

However, the youngest, Morganen, is playing matchmaker for his brothers, since he will not find his mate until each older brother weds.  He’s been doing everything in his power – which is considerable – to find brides for his brothers, up to and including manipulating universe...

Dom is not so sure he wants his little brother arranging his predestined mate for him.  He prefers to control his own destiny, thank you very much, and he’ll find his mate on his own.

Of course, there is a little bit of a bigger problem at the moment.  Dom has been bound and rendered powerless, kidnapped by Mandarites to bring magic to their own magic-impoverished land.  Worse, now he’s been sold on the slave market to a woman guaranteed to give him trouble.

His purchaser, Serina needs a foreign mage.  One to perform certain ritual activities necessary to resolve several huge problems… and the slave on the block looks to be her best bet.  But unlike the other women bidding, she’s not looking for a mere stud to romp around on the bed with... or is she?

Ah, but you don’t want me to tell you too much, do you?  I think you should meet them, as seen through Dom and Serina’s eyes, as well as meet his other brothers...

Because this is the romance you are looking for.

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