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Jean Johnson - Sons of Destiny: The Song

Review by: K.T. Holt

February 2, 2008

A reviewer could say many things about the Sons of Destiny novels by author, Jean Johnson, and here are but a few:  Consistent characterization, thorough yet purposeful exposition, believable ‘bad guys’, and downright succulent romantic content. 

Though The Song is the fourth book in this series, the characters living within it remain as distinct and potent as individuals as they were when they were first established in The Sword.  Even the more recent additions to the expanding cast of characters each possess as much life as those they join on the Isle of Nightfall. 

As in the earlier books in the series, there is in The Song a certain amount of necessary exposition to forward the overall plot of the series as well as to allow the book to stand on its own.  Expectedly, Jean has done her usual admirable job of keeping the back story and plot development relevant to the current volume, as well as keeping it understated enough to never run over the characters and their relationships. 

Already, the Sons of Destiny have faced many dangers in fulfilling the first three verses of the prophesy that seems to both curse them and guide their exploits.  In The Song, the main hardship is not the villain, but rather the effects of a tragic loss in the second book in the series, The Wolf.  Still, when the characters encounter additional outside antagonism in this story, it comes from competent and clever opponents and not merely senseless attackers. 

In regard to romance and seduction, The Song lacks nothing.  From tickling caresses and kissed-over murmurs to mussed bedclothes and the logic behind why new lovers might opt to still sleep in their pajamas instead of skin to skin, the author omits no delicious detail and does so without sacrificing rich characterization in favor of rampant hormones and clichéd simile. 

All around, The Song is a well-written piece of Romantic Fantasy, and it lends itself to the promise of more of the same to come in the latter half of the Sons of Destiny series. 

Review by: Purrzah

March 26, 2008

The Song, Book Four of the Sons of Destiny by Jean Johnson

...Once again, I have dived head-first into the world of the eight Brothers of Nightfall and spent several blissful hours absorbing the magic that is Jean's storytelling.

In "The Song", readers finally experience the resolution involving Evanor (the fourth-born of the Brothers of Nightfall) and his lost voice. We also meet his Destined bride, Mariel, and her son Mikor. Both characters introduced in the third book, The Master.

One might think that a repetition of a theme, namely "brother meets Destined bride", would grow old by the fourth time, but not in these stories. New and fresh conflicts keep the stories interesting. I was at the edge of my seat, unwilling to put the book down, when the challenge in this book manifested.

Though the story is technically about Evanor, and certainly revolves around his voice dilemma and the challenge of facing not only his Destined bride, but also getting to know her son from her previous marriage. The rest of the brothers, led by the indefatigable Kelly, struggle with finding a substitute for Evanor's magic of the Voice, which allowed communication throughout the Isle, and the threat of conflict with Katan, the nation that exiled the brothers in the first place. Ingenious ideas and unflagging spunk win the day... at least for now!

"The Song", like it's predecessors, is a romantic, heartening and intriguing introduction to more of the mystical world that the Brothers of Nightfall live within. Though it brings resolution to two issues, more challenges still face the growing citizens of the small island. Introduced in "The Song" is a whole new conundrum... to whom shall the new nation turn to as a Patron Deity?

I can't recommend Jean's books enough. Readers will find themselves laughing, biting their nails, crying, and screaming for more before they even reach the final chapter of "The Song". Thankfully, we know we will get more. We've still got four brothers to go, and at least two of them pose such challenges that I eagerly await seeing how the youngest, Morganen, the Mage and Matchmaker, will resolve them!

For the record, if asked WHICH of the Brothers I might prefer, I have to say truthfully that I can't make a real judgement until I read the remaining stories. To date, though, I have to say Wolfer remains my favorite. Honestly, though, if I could get all the brothers molded into one... now THERE is the ideal male.

Mind you... I have as close to the ideal male already. And I'm not just saying that because he's gonna be reading this... maybe. ;) Mine is cuddly, domestic, strong-willed (almost to a fault), and protective. He's also playful, brooding at times, hot blooded, and can sometimes perform miracles. I think that covers the Eight, huh? ;)

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