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Jean Johnson - Sons of Destiny: The Storm

Review by: Nylima

August 30, 2008

At last the most fan-anticipated book in the Sons of Destiny series has arrived - Rydan's story.

In The Storm we find the dark, solitary and brooding Rydan not happy with the events that have come to Nightfall Isle since the arrival of Kelly. He isn't angry about it, just uncomfortable with the changes. Where the eight brothers were in solitude with only themselves and the occasional trading ship as company, he was happy. Now he has four sisters-in-law, a nephew, another on the way and the prophecies surrounding the brothers and the island are coming true. He's worried about the safety of his growing family, the security of the island and the fountain of magic that he guards.

In The Cat we learned of Amara and Arora, twin sisters from another land, coming to Nightfall to escape those who would persue and capture them. But we only got one half of the tale: Trevan & Amara. How did Arora find her way to Rydan? What exactly happened that had him all upset when he thought she was Trevan's destined bride? Will those who are chasing the girls track them to the isle? What exactly does Rydan do while he's hiding from the rest of the family? How manipulative is Morganen, really?

All of these questions are answered in The Storm when, to paraphrase Paul Harvey, we learn "the rest of the story".

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