Guardians of Destiny

The Tower - Book 1

Jean Johnson's - Guardians of Destiny: The Tower

Reviewed by: Katie Bennett

November 14, 2013

The Tower is the first installment in a new series set in the same universe as the Sons of Destiny books - and like The Sword before it, it sets up both a single-book romance and a premise that will keep you waiting for the next book in the series.

It opens with a re-introduction to some key characters from previous books, Hope and Morgan, but aside from that nod to the Sons, The Tower stands on its own; readers who aren't familiar with the story of Nightfall won't be left to flounder amidst half-explained references. Instead, we get to follow the adventure of Kerric Vo Mos and Myal the Mendhite as they take on a series of challenges inside the Tower: a magical and mechanical construct designed to test the mettle of those who enter.

Partly reality-show-style challenges, and partly an abbreviated walkthrough of the Tower from the perspective of the players in question, this kept me turning pages as much to see how Kerric and Myal would solve their next dilemma as to keep me enthralled with the deliciously steamy scenes between our hero and heroine. A fabulous mix of adventure, problem-solving, and romance, plus a hefty dose of laughter, makes The Tower an enjoyable read, and a must-have for fans of Jean Johnson's work.