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Jean Johnson - Sons of Destiny: The Wolf

Review by: Lynda-Marie

July 14, 2007

In Jean Johnson's second novel, The Wolf, sequel to the Sword, she continues the story of the eight Sons of Destiny. In The Sword, the brothers had been exiled, alone, for three years, on Nightfall Island, out of fear of their Destinies, as predicted by the Seer Draganna. Youngest brother, Morganen, better known as the Mage, takes measures into his own hands by introducing an Earth woman named Kelly Doyle to their fold, as a possible match for the eldest of the brothers, Saber. However, there is much resistance on the part of Saber, because his verse of Seer Draganna's song predicts disaster if he ever experiences true love love. Will the resulting battle between fear of his destiny and desire, as well as an engaging battle of wills with the feisty Kelly with have a happy ending?

In The Wolf, Morganen's matchmaking efforts continue with the second born brother, Wolfer, Saber's twin. An old family friend named Alys, runs away from her cruel uncle and an unjust arranged marriage. Frightened, alone, and bearing the weight of a terrible secret, Alys arrives on Nightfall Island, and is welcomed by the brothers, especially Wolfer. But will her past catch up with her and destroy all of them?

In these two books so far. Jean Johnson creates a vividly realized world filled with magic, humor, angst, hope, and ascendant true love. The characters, even those who are not center stage in the story, each has his or her own distinct, unique personality. It is a treat to read the battles of wills between the couples, and their uncertainties with Seer Draganna's song. Choosing a favorite character will not be easy, if at all possible, thanks to Jean's skill in character building. Waiting for the next installment, to see who ends up with whom, and how, is the toughest part of the series. Her writing is a treat to read, and from all indications, not about to become stale at any time - whether that be soon or ever.

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