Autographed Bookplates are available!

Autographed bookplates by Jean Johnson

That's right; no need to attempt to mail your books back and forth at horrendous cost and/or loss (because if you somehow didn't mail sufficient return postage, I'd have to consider it a lovely keepsake), but instead, for the cost of two letters (one mailed to me, and a self-addressed envelope to be mailed back to you), you can get a gorgeous, commissioned artwork on a 3" x 4" sticker (for my metric friends, that's 7.62cm x 10x16cm), personally signed by me, and ready for you to stick into your copies of my books! (Hey, if Anne McCaffrey--the Dragon Lady--does it, then I figure it's good enough for me!) The instructions have been broken down into steps which I hope even the most easily confused among us can follow it. (Such as myself; if it's not a story plot, I can and will get literally lost in my own thoughts... For the smarty-types among you, just enjoy the humor anyway.) Anyway, here's how it works, if you're interested:

1. Get two letter-sized envelopes. On one of them, write your own address in the TO: area, and in the FROM: area. Do not seal the envelope, since that will sorta make it difficult for me to use it. Then decide whether you live in the USA and follow step 2. A..  If you live outside the USA, then just follow step 2. B.

2. A. If you're from the USA, follow the rules for a SASE, which is step 3.A. below.

2. B. If you're from outside the United States of America (or will want the autographed bookplate mailed to an outside-the-US postal location), follow the rules for a SAEwIRC, step 3. B. below.

3. A. Rules for a SASE:

Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Take the lovely envelope you just addressed to yourself, stick a first-class postage stamp in the appropriate corner, and stick the unsealed, empty envelope into the second envelope. Follow the rules for sending the SASE to me, step 4 below.

3. B. Rules for a SAEwIRC:

Self Addressed Envelope with International Reply Coupon. Cheerfully head off to your nearest postal office, wait in line patiently, and when you get to the clerk, politely say (in whatever language both you and the postal clerk speak), "I would like an International Reply Coupon for the United States of America." And they will cheerfully sell you one. (Okay, they might be grumpy for some reason, but remember if you're polite and smile, they might feel inclined to smile back, or at least grump less.) Take the IRC, and the Self Addressed Envelope (SAE) and tuck it into the untouched envelope. Follow the rules for sending the SAEwIRC to me, step 4 below.

4. Sending me the SASE / SAEwIRC:

On the outside envelope, which will have either the SASE or the SAE and IRC tucked inside of it, write your address in the FROM: section, and the address in step 5. below in the TO: section. Please write it exactly as it should appear, so no one confuses the grumpy US postal workers (don't write the bit about "5.", of course; that will only confuse the grumpy postal workers.  Poor things...)

After step 5, proceed to step 6.


Jean Johnson
P.O. Box 14444
Mill Creek, WA 98082-2444

6. Seal up the external envelope with the SASE or SAEwIRC inside (don't worry if the IRC doesn't have a way to stick to the envelope; I get to fuss over that part), and stick appropriate first class postage to the corner of your outer envelope. Go to the very important step 7 below.

7. Mail it to me! (lol, it doesn't work if you don't do this last step...) And then wait...and wait...and when I get it, I'll sign a bookplate sticker, pop it in the SASE or SAEwIRC, seal it up, carry it off to my own post office, and mail it! (I hand in the SAE and the IRC together to the hopefully not-grumpy postal worker on my end, and they take it and use the IRC to give the letter the proper amount of return postage to its country of origin.)

You may ask for up to 10 stickers at one time if you so desire, and you may include a short note inside the envelope mailed to me, indicating whether you want me to write your name in the "Ex Libris (this book belongs to)" line.  But if you do choose the latter, please print your name carefully and clearly on the note, exactly how you'd like me to write it. Otherwise, I'm just going to sign the sticker in the "Auctoris Auctoritate" spot with my sparkly autograph, and let you put your own name on it.  Or your aunt's name, or your best friend's, or your...well, whoever you're getting the sticker for! 

Voila!  It's just that easy, isn't it?