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I love my work; I've dreamed of being an author since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, writing as a career doesn't pay as much as people think it does, but I'll make you, my Patreon patrons (readers) a deal: You give me a little support each month through Patreon (click on the Become A Patreon image below), to help me get my various bills covered, and I'll give you access to exclusive content: character bios, map sketches, sneak peeks at upcoming chapters, & more.

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If I've ever given you giggles, guffaws, tears, growls, or happy sighs over happy endings, if I have ever moved you in any way to want to do something more than just say "Thank you!" ...well, now you can! I have a Ko-Fi button over at where you can tip one of your favorite authors (at least, if you think I'm one of them) in a wonderfully tangible, spontaneous way to say thanks! In turn, I promise you I will be deeply grateful.

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